Architectural Equipment

ACI provides expert advice and testing services for architectural projects related to sound transmission from space to space and noise control within specific spaces.  Equipment used for these services includes:

  • Bruel and Kjaer Type 1 (2250/2270) sound level meters
  • Calibrated directional and omni-directional noise sources for STC, IIC, and RT testing
  • Tapping machine for IIC testing
  • Sound intensity system for detailed flanking identification
  • Commercial and custom analysis software

Sound level meters are certified semi-annually and field calibrators are certified annually by an external laboratory to ensure highly accurate results.

Measurements conducted with Architectural Equipment includes:

  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) Testing in accordance with ASTM E336 / E90
  • Impact Insulation Class (IIC) Testing in accordance with ASTM E1007
  • Reverberation Time (RT) testing
  • Airborne Sound Attenuation of Building Facades in accordance with ASTM E966
  • Airborne Sound Attenuation Between Rooms Sharing a Common Ceiling Plenum in accordance with ASTM E1414
  • Measuring Inter-Zone Attenuation of Furniture Panels Used as Acoustic Barriers in accordance with ASTM E1375



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