Mining projects (coal, aggregates, limestone, etc.) present unique challenges for noise modeling and assessment.  In particular, the noise sources tend to be constantly moving and varying in load which affects the noise produced.  ACI has a library of mining related noise sources ranging from draglines to haul trucks to rock crushers and can accurately model moving point sources throughout the mining area.  Noise mitigation recommendations are often required to ensure compliance with noise regulations such as the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Directive 038 or other local bylaws.


In addition to noise impact assessments, ACI has the equipment and expertise to conduct long term noise (and Dust) monitorings for several days up to several months and even permanent installations.

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Completed Projects (Partial List)

  • Border Paving (Aggregate Mine NIA)
  • Coal Valley Resources Inc.  (Noise Monitor Data Assessment)
  • Coal Valley Resources Inc.  (Pit 29 NIA)
  • Coal Valley Resources Inc.  (Yellowhead Tower and Rob Trend  NIA)
  • County of Wetaskiwin (Aggregate Mine NIA)
  • Focus / Pidherney's (Kemp Gravel Pit NIA)
  • Parsons Creek Resources  (Limestone Quarry  NIA)
  • Prairie Mines & Royalty Ltd.   (Paintearth Mine North Extension NIA)
  • Prairie Mines & Royalty Ltd.  (Genesee Mine Extension)
  • Sherritt Carbon Development Partnership  (Dodds Roundhill Coal Mine NIA)

Services Used:       Environmental Noise / Vibration / Acoustic Courses

Equipment Used:    Environmental Noise Monitors / Sound Level Meters / Software / Vibration