Sports & Recreation Facilities

Facilities catering to sports and recreational activities have varying acoustical requirements.  Some require high levels of reverberation control while having products that can withstand physical abuse, some have specific moisture and mold growth requirements, and some are used for various activities which necessitate adjustable levels of sound absorption.


ACI works with the client to determine the specific needs and provides acoustical treatment recommendations accordingly.  In addition, when a more detailed level of assessment is required, ACI uses the EASE room noise modeling software package which enables detailed projections of room acoustics as well as assists in placement and type of acoustical materials.  ACI often also deals with mechanical/HVAC noise issues to ensure a comfortable environment. 


ACI has the equipment and expertise to conduct reverberation time testing as well as sound transmission class (STC) testing for noise isolation between various adjacent spaces. 

Completed Projects (Partial List)

  • Alberta Health Services (Glenrose Hospital Gym Acoustical Treatment)
  • Barr Ryder Architects (St. Albert Multi Purpose Leisure Center)
  • City of Edmonton (Terwillegar Rec Center Arena Reverberation Control)
  • City of Edmonton (Terwillegar Rec Center Wave Generator Noise Isolation)
  • Dundee Realty (30-Minute Hits Noise Isolation)
  • Dundee Realty (SNAP Fitness Noise Isolation)
  • GO Community Center (Acoustical Treatment Recommendations)
  • IBI Group (Royal Canadian Military Band Practice/Recording Facility)
  • Oak Hill Boys Ranch
  • Orange Theory Fitness (Noise Isolation)
  • PSAV Architects (Hay River Pool Acoustical Treatment Recommendations)
  • Strathcona County (Emerald Hills Aquatic Center)
  • Strathcona County (Millenium Place Liesure Center)
  • Thickwood Heights Arena (Fort McMurray)
  • Tru-Ride Spin (Noise Isolation)
  • University of Alberta (Foote Field Sound System Upgrade)
  • University of Alberta (PAW Center)
  • University of Alberta (Van Vliet West Pool RT Treatment)
  • West Edmonton Mall (Roller Coaster Noise Mitigation Recommendations)
  • Wetaskiwin Drill Hall
  • YMCA (William Lutsky Center Noise Isolation)
  • YogaLife Studios (Reverberation Control Testing and Recommendations)