Vibration Equipment

ACI conducts vibration measurements and impact assessments for various transportation, construction / demolition, industrial, and architectural projects.  Equipment used for these services includes:

  • Vibration Monitoring Terminals capable of remote data access and real time vibration alerts
  • Tri-Axial data transducers
  • Measurement Range from high amplitude Impacts to seismic events
  • Sound level meters with Vibration measurement software
  • Broadband, 1/3-Octave, FFT
  • Commercial and custom analysis software

Vibration monitoring equipment is capable of short-term or long-term measurements with environmental cases for remote monitoring with cellular access, real-time alerts for exceedances, and daily/weekly/monthly reporting.  In addition, where required, clients and the public are able to see the streaming vibration data in real-time for sensitive projects.


Vibration measurement equipment is certified by an external laboratory to ensure highly accurate results.

                                                    Standards and Guidelines:

  • ISO 4866:  Guidelines for the Measurement of Vibrations and the Evaluation of Their Effects on Buildings
  • ISO 2631-1,2:  Evaluation of Human Exposure to Whole-Body Vibration
  • ISO 10811-1,2:  Vibration and Shock in Buildings with Sensitive Equipment
  • ISO 10815:  Measurement of Vibration Generated Internally in Railway Tunnels by Passage of Trains
  • US DOT:  Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment 
  • FCM/RAC Guidelines for New Development in Proximity to Railway Operations 

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