Pipelines & Compressor Stations

Over the past 18-years, ACI has conducted noise impact assessments for over 150 oil and gas pipeline pump stations and compressor stations.  Typically, a noise model is generated based on equipment, building, and site layout information along with topography to determine the relative noise impact on adjacent receptors.  If required, noise mitigation recommendations are provided to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations.


ACI often conducts both the noise modeling as well as the pre- and post-commissioning noise monitoring and reporting.  This is often required by regulatory authorities to ensure minimal noise impact for adjacent receptors.


ACI has a vast library of Pipeline and Compressor Station related noise sources for equipment such as large electrically driven pumps, internal combustion engine compressors, aerial coolers, control valves, and exterior piping.


In addition to noise impact assessments, ACI has the equipment and expertise to conduct Comprehensive Sound Level (CSL) surveys and long term noise monitorings from several days up to several months and even permanent installations.

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Completed Projects (Partial List)

  • Alliance Pipelines (Morinville Site Noise Monitoring)
  • ATCO Pipelines (Atusix Creek Compressor NIA)
  • ATCO Pipelines (Peers Compressor NIA)
  • ATCO Pipelines (Shell Creek Compressor NIA)
  • Enbridge Pipelines (Athabasca Capacity Expansion NIA)
  • Enbridge Pipelines (Athabasca Pipeline Twinning Project NIA)
  • Enbridge Pipelines (Line 3 NIA)
  • Enbridge Pipelines (Line 4 NIA)
  • Enbridge Pipelines (Southern Access NIA)
  • Enbridge Pipelines (Wood Buffalo Extension NIA)
  • Nexen Inc. (Etsho North Facility Expansion NIA)
  • Nexen Inc. (Ootla Compressor Station NIA)
  • TransCanada Pipelines Limited (Alces River B Compressor Station NIA)
  • TransCanada Pipelines Limited (Saddle Hills Compressor Station NIA)