Occupational Noise

Noise inside industrial areas, such as power plants and saw mills, can reach unsafe and unhealthy levels.  These noise levels can lead to unsafe working conditions due to inabilities to focus on specific tasks or the instructions of others, and can ultimately lead to permanent hearing damage.  Because of this, there are codes and regulations set forth by regulatory bodies such as the Department of Labor and the Workers Compensation Board.


Within Alberta, Part 16 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code specifies noise exposure limits for workers as well as levels of required hearing protection.  New to the Code (in 2004) is a requirement that, whenever practicable, noise sources must be mitigated to less than 85 dBA so that hearing protection is not required.  Therefore, in conjunction with noise dosimetry, sound level measurements and mitigation measures for specific equipment are required.


ACI has the experience and equipment to properly measure, assess, and report current noise level working conditions in industrial locations.  In addition, ACI can provide recommendations and specifications for noise isolation structures, hearing protection, and limitation of exposure times for workers.


ACI also conducts noise dosimetry monitoring where individual workers wear a small noise monitor during their work-day to determine their noise exposure.  The noise dosimeters are intrinsically safe and can handle all working environments.

Completed Projects (Partial List)

  • AGC Flat Glass
  • Atlas Granit
  • Burnaby Insulation Supplies Ltd.
  • Cameron Measurement Systems
  • Celanese Edmonton Facility
  • Connacher Great Divide
  • Continental Chain and Rigging
  • Devon Industries
  • Enerchem Slave Lake
  • GFL Environmental Corporation
  • Miquelon Meter Services
  • Murray's Trucking
  • OEM Remanufacturing
  • Performance Apparel Canada
  • Radient Technologies
  • RIO-Tek
  • Schlumberger
  • Sealy Canada Ltd.
  • Sobey's West Edmonton Warehouse
  • Something Special Deli Foods Ltd.
  • Unitray Systems Inc.
  • OEM Remanufacturing

Services Used:       Occupational Noise Acoustic Courses

Equipment Used:    Sound Level Meters / Noise Dosimeters