Noise Dosimeters

ACI conducts noise dosimetry monitoring where individual workers wear a small noise monitor during their work-day to determine their noise exposure.  Equipment used for these services has the following capabilities:

  • Equipment complies with provincial OHS codes and CSA Z107.56-06)
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • 300-hours of data collection with 1-second data profiles
  • 35-hours of battery run-time
  • Tamper-proof while collecting data
  • dBA, dBC, Leq, Peak
  • Time-weighted noise exposure for comparison with OHS Code
  • Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone App for real-time data review.
  • Audible alarms for high noise levels (if required)

The noise dosimeters are capable of collecting data in all working conditions including high and low temperature, high-humidity, and even high-dust. 


Typically the noise dosimeters are worn for an entire working day and then, at the end of the day, the data is downloaded and assessed in detail to determine the workers' noise exposure in comparison to the applicable OHS noise level limits.  


Noise dosimeters are field calibrated before and after each use to ensure accurate data collection


Download Sample Noise Dosimetry Data Sheet

Services:    Occupational Noise / Dosimetry

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