Electrical Substations

Electrical Substations are often located in areas with nearby residents and the steady "hum" at 120 Hz (and higher harmonics) can be considered quite annoying.   Detailed site noise measurements, noise monitoring and noise modeling are often required to determine compliance with the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Rule 012 and local municipal noise bylaws.  Site specific noise mitigation is often required.  ACI has the expertise and equipment to ensure regulatory compliance for electrical substations of all sizes.  


ACI also has the capability to conduct detailed sound power level measurements of substation transformers in accordance with ISO 9614 and IEEE C57.12.90-2010


In addition ACI can conduct long term noise monitorings for several days up to several months and even permanent installations.

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Completed Projects (Partial List)

  • AltaLink (Pinedale Substation Comprehensive Sound Level Survey)
  • AltaLink (Redwater Substation Comprehensive Sound Level Survey)
  • Cenovus Energy (Foster Creek Thermal Project Kodiak Substation NIA)
  • Enbridge Pipelines (Hardisty Line 3 Substation Transformer NIA)
  • EPCOR (Meadowlark Substation Noise Mitigation Study)
  • EPCOR (Edmonton Substations Noise Studies [Garneau, Strathcona, Dome])
  • EPCOR (Victoria Substation Transformer Replacement NIA)
  • EPCOR (Woodcroft Substation Wall NIA)

Services Used:       Environmental Noise / Vibration / Acoustic Courses

Equipment Used:    Environmental Noise Monitors / Sound Level Meters / Software / Vibration