LRT & Heavy Rail - Noise and Vibration

LRT expansion in major cities has become prolific in recent years and many municipalities have plans for significant growth.  As part of each project, noise and vibration assessments are conducted and noise models are generated to ensure minimal impact for adjacent residential areas and adjacent commercial locations with highly sensitive equipment.  ACI has conducted many noise and vibration impact assessments and measurements for LRT.


Heavy Rail (CN and CP) is also a concern for noise and vibration.  In particular, residential developments proposed adjacent to existing rail lines require specific attention during the design stage to ensure compliance with local requirements as well as those of the Rail companies.  ACI conducts noise and vibration measurements as well as generates computer noise models to determine the minimum setback distances required and impact of noise berms and noise barriers.  

Completed Projects (Partial List)

  • CH2M Hill (Edmonton Northwest LRT NIA)
  • CH2M Hill (Edmonton Southeast LRT NIA)
  • CH2M Hill (Edmonton West LRT NIA)
  • Christian Labour Association (Office Building Rail Noise/Vibs Assessment)
  • City of Edmonton (Gateway Blvd Development Rail Noise/Vibs Study)
  • City of Edmonton (137 Ave Rail Vibration Assessment)
  • City of Edmonton (Freight Rail Noise Policy)
  • CN Rail (Calder Yard Noise Concerns)
  • Dominion Properties (Kavanagh Residential Dvlpmt Rail Noise & Vibs NIA)
  • Durance (Heartland Ridge Rail Noise and Vibration Assessment)
  • Green Plan Ltd. (CN Walker Yard Noise Noise Study)
  • Green Plan Ltd. (CN Intermodal Terminal NIA)
  • ISL (Ebbers Residential Development Rail Noise and Vibrations NIA)
  • North Ridge Developments (Saskatoon Rail Noise and Vibration Assessment)
  • SDG (Edmonton Northwest LRT Noise and Vibration Assessment)
  • Stantec (Edmonton North LRT Noise and Vibration Assessment)
  • Stantec (Regina Residential Development Rail Noise and Vibration Study)
  • Stantec (Edmonton South LRT Extension Noise and Vibration Assessment)
  • Stantec (Edmonton South LRT Vibration Assessment)
  • UMA (Saskatoon CP Rail Vibration Study)

Services Used:       Environmental Noise / Vibration / Acoustic Courses

Equipment Used:    Environmental Noise Monitors / Sound Level Meters / Software / Vibration