Offices, Commercial Spaces, Schools

Noise isolation, speech privacy, and adequate speech inteligibility are important requirements for many office spaces, commercial spaces, and schools.  Adequate design for high sound transmission class (STC) partitions, appropriate reverberation times (RTs) and appropriate building ventilation (HVAC) noise is essential for occupant comfort and productivity.  


ACI works with clients to determine the specific requirements and provides sound advice on construction and acoustical treatment.  In addition, for projects that require a higher assessment level in conjunction with sound reinforcement systems, ACI uses the EASE room noise modeling software which enables detailed projections and noise mitigation scenarios. 

Completed Projects (Partial List)

  • Alberta Health Services (Glenrose Hospital Atrium Acoustical Treatment)
  • Alpine Drywall (EPCOR Tower Floor 7 & 8 STC Review)
  • Athabasca University (Research Building Recommendations)
  • Bioware (HVAC Noise)
  • Calgary Roman Catholic School District  (Music Room)
  • City of Edmonton (Rundle Park Activity Center HVAC)
  • Clark Builders (Headquarters Building Acoustical Treatment)
  • Dialog (Gallery Building Mechanical Penthouse Noise Isolation)
  • HFKA Architects (Central Alberta Cancer Center Noise Isolation)
  • HIP Architects (CKUA Relocation Noise Isolation)
  • IBI Group (CASA House)
  • IBI Group (Fort Saskatchewan Hospital)
  • IBI Group (McEwan College)
  • IBI Group (Strathcona Community Hospital)
  • Kasian Architects (The Artist Quarters in Edmonton)
  • Kings University College (Music Rehearsal Room Reverberation Control)
  • Kroening Consultants Ltd. (Parkland Cinemas HVAC Noise)
  • Manasc Isaac Architects (Athabasca University)
  • Manasc Isaac Architects (Calgary Emergency Operations Center)
  • Manasc Isaac Architects (Calgary Water Center)
  • Manasc Isaac Architects (Camrose City Hall)
  • Manasc Isaac Architects (Edmonton Dell Building Retrofit)
  • Qualico Developments (EPCOR Tower Parkade Noise Isolation)
  • RJC (Blue Cross Server Room Noise and Vibration Isolation)
  • Sawridge Inn Jasper (Atrium Noise Isolation)
  • Sherry Shorten Architect (Icefields Parkway Theatre Redevelopment)
  • Stuart Olson (Acoustical Treatment in new Head Office)
  • Town of Lac La Biche (Bold Center Meeting Rooms)
  • Wedst-Corp (Matterra Hotel Noise Isolation)
  • Wolf Willow Shopping Center (30-Minute Hits Noise Isolation)