Residential Developments

Residential developments adjacent to major roadways or rail lines require noise and vibration impact assessments to ensure noise and vibration levels are in compliance of applicable regulations.  ACI uses noise and vibration monitoring equipment and modeling software to determine the impact of noise and vibration on the proposed residential areas and to provide appropriate noise and vibration mitigation recommendations.


Assessment criteria include the following:

Completed Projects (Partial List)

  • AECOM (Maple Ridge NIA)
  • Beaverbrook Charlesworth Ltd. (Charlesworth NIA)
  • Dominion Properties (Kavanagh Rail Noise and Vibrations NIA)
  • Dominion Properties (Lessard Road NIA)
  • Durance (Heartland Ridge Rail Noise and Vibration Assessment)
  • Dream Developments  (Maple, various stages  NIA)
  • Focus Group (Renaissance Estates NIA)
  • Focus / WSP  (Southfork in Leduc  NIA)
  • Hopewell Communities (Secord NIA)
  • IBI Group (Alldritt NIA)
  • IBI Group (Hamptons Stage 30 NIA)
  • IBI Group (River Point Stage 2 NIA)
  • IBI Group (Rosenthal NIA)
  • IBI Group (South Riel Lands NIA)
  • IBI Group (West Jasper Properties NIA)
  • ISL (Ebbers Rail Noise and Vibrations NIA)
  • Mattamy Homes  (Cambrian Crossing in Sherwood Park  NIA)
  • Melcor Developments Ltd.  (Jesperdale NIA)
  • MLC Group Limited  (Heritage Valley NIAs)
  • MLC Group Limited  (Keswick NIA)
  • MLC Group Limited  (Walker NIA)
  • MMM Group Limited  (Glenridding NIA)
  • North Ridge Developments (Saskatoon Rail Noise and Vibration Assessment)
  • Qualico Communities  (Meadows Neighbourhood 5 NIA)
  • Qualico Developments Ltd.  (Heppner Laurel NIA)
  • Select Engineering (Summerwood North in Sherwood Park NIA)
  • Select Engineering (Crystallina East NIA)
  • Stantec (25 Avenue Edmonton NIA)
  • Stantec (Blackstone and Leduc West NIA)
  • Stantec (Crystallina NIA)
  • Stantec (Orchards NIA)
  • Stantec (Regina Rail Noise and Vibration Assessment)
  • Strata Laurel Lands Ltd. (Laurel South NIA)
  • United Communities  (Allard Stage 5 NIA)
  • Villeneuve Communities Inc.  (Jensen Lakes NIA)
  • Walton Development (Horse Hill Nbhd 2 NIA)
  • Walton Development (Mattson NIA)
  • WSP (Southfork Stage 7 Residential Development NIA)

Services Used:       Environmental Noise / Vibration / Acoustic Courses

Equipment Used:    Environmental Noise Monitors / Sound Level Meters / Software / Vibration