Upgraders & Refineries

ACI has experience with noise impact assessments, mitigation recommendations, and follow-up noise monitoring for large-scale upgraders and refineries.  Such facilities are typically large with numerous noise sources and buildings which require detailed assessment to know where noise mitigation efforts are best spent.  Through noise modeling and noise source order ranking, the loudest offenders can be identified and noise mitigation can be implemented in the noise model to determine the relative impact on the noise climate. 


In addition to noise impact assessments, ACI has the equipment and expertise to conduct long term noise monitorings for several days up to several months and even permanent installations.

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Completed Projects (Partial List)

  • ATCO Midstream (Golden Spike Facility Noise Monitoring)
  • Nexen Inc. (Long Lake Upgrader NIA)
  • Northern Lights Partnership (Synenco Northern Lights Upgrader NIA)
  • Provident Energy (Redwater Operations Noise Mitigation)
  • StatoilHydro (North American Oil Sands Upgrader NIA)
  • NCIA Regional Noise Monitoring

Services Used:       Environmental Noise / Vibration / Acoustic Courses

Equipment Used:    Environmental Noise Monitors / Sound Level Meters / Software / Vibration