ACI conducts vibration measurements and impact assessments for various transportation, construction/demolition, and industrial projects as well as building and human vibration.


ACI has the equipment to conduct long-term vibration monitoring with overall amplitude and frequency content as well as remote data access, real-time alerts for vibration exceedences, and daily/weekly/monthly reporting.  If required, clients and the public can also have access to real-time vibration data for sensitive projects.



Standards and Guidelines:

  • USBM RI-8507
  • DIN-4150
  • ISO 4866:  Guidelines for the Measurement of Vibrations and the Evaluation of Their Effects on Buildings
  • ISO 2631-1,2:  Evaluation of Human Exposure to Whole-Body Vibration
  • ISO 10811-1,2:  Vibration and Shock in Buildings with Sensitive Equipment
  • ISO 10815:  Measurement of Vibration Generated Internally in Railway Tunnels by Passage of Trains
  • US DOT:  Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment 
  • FCM/RAC Guidelines for New Development in Proximity to Railway Operations 


Vibration Monitor Strapped to Underside of Capilano Bridge in Edmonton
Vibration Monitor Strapped to Underside of Capilano Bridge in Edmonton

                                       Typical Vibration Projects:

  • Construction / Demolition
  • Light Rail Transit (LRT)
  • Heavy Rail Mitigation (CN Rail / CP Rail)
  • Roadway Vibration Assessment
  • Specialized Medical and Scientific Equipment Isolation
  • Specialized Building Isolation
  • Human Hand/Arm and Whole Body Vibration


Portfolio:       Oil and Gas / Industrial / Municipal

Equipment Used:  Vibration